How You Can Help

If you would like to help with this project, please see the following information.

  • Submit historical and current nest and roost locations through this Nest Data Entry Sheet
  • Help complete surveys and monitoring
  • Inform others about the project by sharing this Project Summary
  • Submit sightings of nests and important habitats for the following species: Barn, Cliff, and Bank Swallow; Barn,  Short-eared, and Screech Owl; and Green Heron.

Advice and hands-on training for volunteers interested in helping with project activities is available upon request.

Generous support for project activities in 2015 has been provided by the Chilliwack Field Naturalists and BC Nature and the BC Naturalists Foundation (


Kootenay Bank Swallow Survey

This project is compiling information on Bank Swallow colonies across southeastern BC. If you are aware of any colonies in this region please report them to Janice Arndt, coordinator of the Kootenay Bank Swallow Survey. Date, location and approximate size of the colony (e.g., more than 25 holes, more than 100 holes) are important details to note. Photos are great but aren’t required. Useful additional information can include an actual count of the number of burrows, and any details you have on how long the colony’s existed and notes on access and land ownership. If you are interested in monitoring a colony by making multiple visits during the breeding season (primarily during June and July), please contact Janice in advance to learn how to make the most of your observations.

Contact: Janice Arndt, Project Coordinator, Kootenay Bank Swallow Survey


Contact Information

  • Greg Ferguson, R.P. Bio., B.Sc., Project Coordinator
  • Email:
  • Phone: 604-349-4760
Swallow nest box placement

Swallow Nest Box Placement © Bev Ramey


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